Catit Groovy Fish

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Motion-activated cat toy fish with catnip
The Catit Groovy Fish triggers your cat’s hunting instinct with three lifelike flappy movement modes. This dancing toy fish includes highly potent catnip and features a USB-rechargeable battery to provide your cat with long-lasting fun.

Groovy Fish is the catch of the day!
Despite its adorable appearance, the Catit Groovy Fish will provide your cat with some wild playtime, stimulating their natural hunting instincts.

Motion-activated dancing toy fish with three movement modes
Its sensitive motion sensor will trigger the Catit Groovy Fish to start moving with a simple tap of your cat’s paw, enticing your cat to play. The toy fish cycles through 3 lifelike movement modes, keeping your feline entertained. When playtime is over, the dancing toy fish will automatically switch off and enter standby mode to save power.Adorable, soft cat toy made of high-quality materials 

The Catit Groovy Fish has a high-quality soft cover that can easily be removed for cleaning. The adorable toy fish was printed using energy-efficient technology and comes in two trendy colors with a playful pattern.