PET-EVER Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food Rabbit Recipe

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  • ✅ Eight high-quality nutritional values: 【high protein】【high vitamin E】【high taurine】【high lysine】【high thiamine】【low phosphorus】【low magnesium】【low histamine】
  • ✅【Healthy skin &fur】:rich vitamin E, omega-3 and fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and beautiful fur.
  • ✅【Rich taurine】: an essential element for a healthy heart.
  • ✅【Low phosphorus】content to effectively reduce the burden on the kidneys;
  • ✅【Low magnesium】content for balanced nutrition and reduced urinary stone formation
  • ✅【High lysine】content to promotes protein synthesis,boosts immunity,Promote the cat's dietary metabolism & muscle growth
  • ✅【High protein & high meat content (96%)】 high quality protein to keep muscles strong.